Mario Solis-Marich to stop "boof"-ing the CU Buffs

A blog yesterday documented complaints from listeners about Mario Solis-Marich, a Los Angeles-based host for AM 760 who regularly refers to the CU Buffs as the "Boofs" -- a term whose first definition in the Urban Dictionary is: "Short for buttfuck." These gripes were shared with me personally, as well as on AM 760's online forum, where one commenter wrote, "So everytime he knowingly calls the CU team "b#ttf*ckers" because in his warped immature brain it's funny. Every season you have this professed Progressive "Live & Local" talent insult our state college team. Now aren't all you Mario fans pretty proud of that?"

Several hours after the aforementioned item went live, Kris Olinger, head of AM programming for Clear Channel Denver (and de facto overseer of AM 760), returned a couple of calls from the previous day. "I talked to Mario, and he did call the CU Buffs the 'CU Boofs,'" she confirmed. "He was not aware of the slang definition. He was just trying to be funny."

As for whether Solis-Marich will discontinue the practice, Olinger simply said, "Yes." But she added that staffers had looked up "Buff" on the Urban Dictionary, a site with which she wasn't previously familiar, and discovered what she refers to as "some interesting definitions" of that term, too, and she's right. The top items on those pages are either entirely benign ("When someone is looking fine," "Very strong and well-built") or only mildly saucy ("In the nude"). But the eleventh version declares that when all of its letters are capitalized, "BUFF" means "Big Ugly Fat Fuck," and the third suggestion under number thirteen reads, "Oral sex."

Alert the CU athletic department immediately.

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