Mark Cuban's suggestion to Nugs about racial-taunt complaints: Increase security

The Dallas Mavericks are in the Nuggets' rear-view at this point -- but Mavs owner Mark Cuban continues to make comments sure to rev up the rivalry again next year. As a guest on Dan Patrick's syndicated radio show, Nugs coach George Karl complained about some of the invective that was hurled at his players during games in Dallas, declaring that "there was a racist mentality to it." In an e-mail response to a question on this topic from the Dallas Morning News, Cuban argued that there was no video evidence of such behavior (how about audio?), and added, "May I also politely suggest to Coach Karl that they increase security in their traveling party and near their bench."

Great: Cuban's solution to the problem of racial slurs is to have the Nuggets employ a goon squad to stare down and intimidate an arena full of people into minding their manners? That wouldn't escalate tensions, would it? True, there might be an up-side to this plan. If Cuban gets out of hand, as he's wont to do, Nugs security could escort him out of his own building. One problem solved...

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