Mark Udall's Congressional team-building game plan: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

Mark Udall, the Colorado senior senator who has recommended a mixed-party seating arrangement to symbolize unity during President Obama's January 25 State of the Union speech, has an extended game plan for continued political cooperation... The Ski-Walk Game teaches Representatives Diana DeGette, Mike Coffman, Jared Polis, Cory Gardner and Doug Lamborn (joined by Udall) that a coordinated effort is the only way to achieve the balance that is necessary to move the country forward. Below, an exercise that demonstrates how political positions change when congress members rub each other the right and wrong ways... The Balloon Holding Game teaches Representatives Diana DeGette, Scott Tipton, Ed Perlmutter and Doug Lamborn and Senator Michael Bennet how the actions of each person affects the ability of the group to move forward together while continuing to push on their buffers of hot air. As seen below, cooperation can only begin by catching a falling congress person... The Trust Catching Game teaches Jared Polis to trust that Ed Perlmutter, Mark Udall, Mike Coffman, Diana DeGette, Scott Tipton, Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet will put the pursuit of truth, honesty and reliability before playing politics.

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