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Mary Marvin's note to fans on day of Jay Marvin's surgery

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Over the weekend, Mary Marvin, wife of AM 760 morning-host Jay Marvin, who's been off the air since late winter due to a series of serious medical issues, sent a note to friends about Jay's surgery, slated for today. Her account updates information she provided Westword last week, offering new details and making it clear why getting the procedure done now, and done right, is absolutely vital. Read it by clicking "Continue."

Hi All,

Jay and I have spent this week in New Jersey getting Jay tested, preregistered and visiting all the doctors who are going to perform at least a 10-hour surgery on him Monday to correct his spine. Our dear friend and neurosurgeon, Jim Lowe, is heading the team. I truly couldn't have gotten through the last few months without him. Jim is known as the "world's fastest neurosurgeon" because he races in the Rolex GrandAm Series.

All the doctors are amazed Jay isn't paralyzed because of the damage done to his spine by the infection he has been fighting since March. The thoracic surgeon is going to make an 8 to 10" incision on his left side and harvest a rib for bone grafting and deflate a lung to give Jim access to the spine. Jim is going to scrape out the T7 thru T9 area where the vertebrae crumbled and crashed into the spinal column blocking it 60%. He will then put in a cage and do the bone grafting using Jay's rib and some cadaver bone. The thoracic surgeon then takes over and puts in a drainage tube, inflates the lung and closes. Then they flip Jay over and harvest some bone from his hip to use for grafting in his back. Jim and his partner will open his back and graft the bone, put in rods, plates and screws to straighten and support his spine. While this is going on, Dr. Anmuth, will be in another room watching a computer real time to make sure all Jay's nerves are working correctly and not being damaged. Because of Jay's infection, they have refused all requests from doctors, residents and students to observe. Only the doctors and 1 nurse will be allowed in the OR. Jay will be in ICU/acute care for 5 to 7 days and then in rehab for 3 to four weeks. He'll be in a body brace 24/7 for three months.

Jay and I both appreciate from the bottom of our hearts all your prayers, thoughts, good energy, love, friendship and gifts. You've all given us hope and strength to get thru this very tough time. Gabe Hobbs was sweet enough to come and visit us this week. He told Jay, Renee', his wife has been praying for him and using God since Jay's Jewish but has slipped a few times and said Jesus. Jay laughed and said it doesn't matter because it's the thoughts and prayers that count. In fact, our dear friend, Ken Bruen, sent me a small Nun for good luck, and Jim is going to tape it in Jay's hand for the surgery.

I know I have inadvertently missed sending this email to someone, so please pass it on if you notice a name I've missed.

I'll update you again after surgery.

Thanks again,

All our love,

Jay and Mary

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.