Medical marijuana dispensary review: Chronorado Medical in Denver

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Chronorado Medical

6625 Leetsdale Dr. Denver, CO 80224 303-951-5151 Website: Chronorado Medical on Facebook

Hours: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. Raw marijuana price range (members): $25/eighth-ounce, $180/ounce. Raw marijuana price range (non-members): $30/eighth-ounce, $200/ounce. Other types of medicine: BHO, shatter, edibles, tinctures, lotions, drinks. Online menu? Yes. Handicap-accessible? Yes.

Not much has changed otherwise at Chronorado. The name of the shop still sounds like a third-tier jam band and the rundown shopping center on Leetsdale it calls home still could use a face lift (and a repave of the parking lot). But inside, the shop is clean and the chocolate-colored décor has held up over the last two years of wear and tear pretty well.

I waited for a second at the receptionist window for someone to show up, and within a minute, I was being ushered back to the bud bar while my information was copied into the shop's system (again).

Inside, things seemed less bare than the last time I was in. The setup is still the same, with a C-shaped bud bar jutting out into the tan-tiled, spacious dispensary. The clone cabinet was stocked with $15 clones representing most everything on the shelves, including relatively elusive strains like Girl Scout Cookies and Hell's Angels OG. Another set of cabinet set up along the back wall of the shop hold various pipes, bongs, papers and vaporizers for sale. Pipes start at just $10, and though the glass isn't anything show-worthy, it will do the trick.

Edibles don't seem to be too big of a deal at Chronorado, and the selection in the bud bar was pretty similar to the last time we were in. Most of the selection is the usual Dixie/CheebaChews/EdiPure/Incredibles fare, as well as boxes of $60 brownie/THC mix from At Home Baked. Concentrates made from Chronorado trim and buds were processed by Colorado Concentrates, with grams of "flake" wax and "peanut budder" selling for $35 a gram. Neither looked all that appealing to me (I'm growing increasingly disillusioned with waxes in general), but the shop also offers strain-specific shatter from Top Shelf Extracts for $45 a gram. However, they were completely out of shatter oil the day I was in. The shop also has a decent selection of vape pens and cartridges for sale, for those of you who feel that cannabis flowers aren't the finished product.

Herb is sold at two price tiers: regular and sale buds. The shop also has pre-weighed ounces of buds sitting in plastic baggies on one of the shelves of the bud bar that go for $160; that's $20 less per-ounce than if you were to get an ounce of the top buds directly out of the stock jar. Sale buds sell for $30 an eighth and $180 an ounce ,while non-sale buds sell for $40 an eighth and $220-$230 an ounce.

Staffers are -- like last time -- friendly and really enjoyed talking about the cannabis in stock, how it was grown and what their picks and choices were. I didn't get my budtender's name, but he was a younger dude in his twenties who didn't mind me taking my sweet time going through the jars as other patients (all recognized by staff and greeted by their first names) came and went beside me.

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