Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: Herban Medicinals in Denver

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Herban Medicinals

70 Broadway, Suite 50 Denver, CO 80203 720-343-4372

Hours: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, closed Sunday. Raw marijuana price range: $8-$10/gram $25-$30/eighth-ounce, $165-$200/ounce. First-time visitors get five visits at member pricing. Non-members pay about $10 more. Other types of medicine: Edipure, Incredibles, Mountain High, infused butter, hash oil, wax, vape pen refils, tincture, lotions. Online menu? Yes. Handicap-accessible? Yes. Recreational sales? No.

The lobby of the Herban Medicinals building is nondescript, and despite having a marijuana grow the size of a small boardroom just below, there's absolutely no pot smell or indication that it's anything other than a midtown office building. A short trip down a floor in the elevator drops you directly into the lobby of the dispensary, where an orange glow fills the otherwise clean and simple waiting room. I could see through the glassed-off receptionist window to the buds on display on a counter in the back, where two budtenders were standing around talking. One saw me and walked over to check my card and ID before buzzing me through. Inside, there's a second waiting room for patients, with leather couches and Alex Grey paintings on the walls, though I was immediately distracted by the source of the orange light on the other side of the room.

Herban Medicinals has glassed off an entire wall into their grow room, where three or four dozen plants were all basking in artificial sunlight. My budtender said they were about three weeks into flower and were already stretching chest-high in the room. Like a moth to a flame, I buzzed over to the window to watch while a gardener tended to some watering. If you're anything like me, checking out cannabis grows never gets old, and it's nice to see a clean, tidy and efficient garden that is producing the meds you consume. The plants were all being grown in coco fiber and looked good but still gangly and awkward-looking in their early stages, like a puppy learning to run.

Meanwhile, my budtender was finishing up my paperwork and had walked over to the counter where the buds were on display. A few rows of cabinets run about half the length of the room, with the cash register and vape pens from Micro G and O.Pen on one side and buds, edibles, concentrates and more paraphernalia on the other. For all the counter space, the bud and hash are kept in a small zone at the end of one cabinet.

My budtender, a tiny woman whose head was at the same level as the bud jars on display on the counter, was an encyclopedia of strains, and I really enjoyed talking bud with her. Unlike at just about every other medical cannabis dispensary, she didn't stand behind a counter but instead hung out next to me, and we went over the strains in jars on a tiered display together. It felt much more relaxed than having to ask a budtender to turn around, grab a jar, show it to me, cap it back up, put it away and move on to the next one.

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