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Chanel picked up on my pain (likely from my hunched-over, hands-on-my-back posture) and went straight for herb on the indica side of the shelf with a fuzzy-looking Bleu Cheese. And instead of grabbing the sample jar, which looked like it contained perfectly smokable buds, she pulled out the two-gallon glass stock jar filled to the brim with the chunky green buds loaded with thin, Romulan-like orange pistils. She said the sample jars don't smell as nice as the big jars due to their being opened and closed so often. She knew her stuff as well, and was able to rattle off lineages and the expected effects of each strain they had in stock.

We moved on from there to a popcorny and pungent batch of Sour Diesel and a plump, sweet-tea/grapefruit-smelling batch of Grandma Cindy. She also passed off the last of the Bubba Kush -- the one small sample jar I smelled. As Chanel had predicted, it didn't have the punchy smell of the other OGs stored in the stock jars -- more of a dried-herb/black-pepper aroma than the turpentine/turned-earth scent I prefer.

Fortunately, I found that in Lush's exceptional LA Kush. Popping the top off the jar in the dispensary was like cracking open a new tube of tennis balls under my nose, thanks to a rubbery tartness that faded to a piney sweetness when I took the jar away. At home, the pine-cone-shaped buds scoped clean and broke down into waxy, BB-like chunks, which burned with a flavor that mirrored the smell perfectly. Potent, this strain was a good way to deal with pain while still being able to function, albeit on a much more lucid plane of existence than before the bowl. Member pricing made this too good to pass up.

I dug the Bleu Cheese enough to bring it home, actually. It had a spicy-sweet licorice punch up front, with a lemon-furniture-polish body underneath that grew exponentially more pungent when the oily, waxy flowers were crumbled up in my hand. My thumb and forefinger were left with the citrus smell and a waxy feel, like I had just dusted my house with Pledge. The flavor when smoked wasn't as potent as I expected. Instead, it really came out in a vaporizer with a clean whip and wand (I use a Silver Surfer). A bowl-pack was enough to help me ease up on the back tension and, at the very least, get stoned enough to forget about my pain for a couple of hours. Puffing more than two bowls in a session was a prescription for sleep.

I opted to split an eighth along with my gram of hash to save on some coin, which was no problem for Chanel, who rounded both half-eighths up to a full two grams. The shop still takes cards, which is also a plus. Overall, I think Lush was a great find -- though I guess I'm a little late to the party. Nevertheless, staffers treated me like an old friend and, more important, they had the type of cannabis that will keep me coming back for more.

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