Medical marijuana talk is smoking hot

"What is the 'medical' in medical marijuana?" asks MyColfax.org. "There's been a lot of talk about dispensaries and medical marijuana as of late. And because there are very strong feelings on all sides of this issue, not all of the information has been accurate or helpful."

And a lot of that talk has been about the lecture "Putting the 'Medical' in Medical Marijuana" that the Colfax neighborhood group will present tomorrow night -- in a different venue than originally planned -- because much of the talk got very, very ugly.

Dispensaries have been springing up along Colfax and in nearby neighborhoods, and the topic spawns "so many emotions," says Don Novak, marketing coordinator of MyColfax.org. "But then it got personal. And it escalated."

Initially, the group had planned to hold the free lecture at the Pinnacle, the pricey condos right by city park. But then a couple of the Pinnacle residents who'd offered the location "got nasty notes on their doors," says Novak.

So instead, the lecture -- featuring Dr. Alan Shackleford, a Harvard-trained physician and researcher who's with Amarimed(which is sponsoring the event, along with with the CG Network of caregivers and MyColfax.org) -- will be held at the Bluebird Theatre, 3317 East Colfax Avenue, at 6 p.m. on March 17.

And not only will Shackleford serve up some cold, hard facts, but Hooked on Colfax will be serving up snacks and beverages. Find more details here.

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