Meet Mitchell McCall: Model, Christian Rapper, Sex Offender

Model. Christian rapper. Sex offender.

Yes, Denver's Mitchell McCall is all three, after reportedly being caught upskirting — shooting videos up women's skirts — in three area malls, then taking a plea deal that calls for sex-offender registration.

As a result, we add a fourth descriptive term: Schmuck of the Week.

The story of McCall's troubles with the law was broken this week by 7News, which notes that he was arrested in February after being caught making a video recording of a woman in a changing stall at Park Meadows mall.

According to the woman, who spoke to the station anonymously, the images of her were captured using a phone in a jacket on the floor of the stall next to hers.

Once cops in Lone Tree got involved, McCall's phone was searched — and on it were approximately twenty videos showing partially nude women at Park Meadows and two other area malls, Cherry Creek and Flatiron Crossing. 

Left out of 7News' coverage is any background about McCall himself — but the outlet's first report features a pair of photos from his Facebook page, created under the heading It's McCall. Although that page has now been deleted (as has the It's McCall Twitter account), we were able to access a cached version, which contains posts such as the following, in which McCall talks about his modeling ambitions.

As evidenced by an October spread in Denver Style magazine starring McCall, he appears to have been well on his way toward accomplishing this goal.

Here's a screen grab from the Denver Style piece:

The Facebook page also spotlighted McCall's love of music and the ladies — although this post stresses his supposedly respectful approach toward the latter:

Speaking of music, the It's McCall website, which remains online at this writing, overflows with it. In his bio, McCall calls himself "a rapper located in Denver, Colorado," as well as a student at Colorado Christian University who, at age twelve, "decided through the guidance of the influential people around him and the guidance of the Holy Spirit that he was going to make his faith in God his own."

Also on view are videos like this one, for a song whose title — "I Do It Just to Do It" — now conjures up a slew of unpleasant associations.

Becoming a famous faith-based hip-hop star will be more difficult now given the latest developments. Following his Park Meadows bust, McCall reached an agreement with prosecutors that calls for two years of intensive sex-offender probation, 7News reveals; his sentencing is scheduled for October 24.

Below, see McCall's mug shot and the latest 7News piece, which asks why he didn't receive any jail time.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.