Meet the Fourteen Head Coaches in Denver Broncos History -- Most of Them Losers

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Number 11: Mike Shanahan -- 1995-2008 From his Wikipedia page:
Michael Edward "Mike" Shanahan (born August 24, 1952) is an American football coach. He has been the head coach of the Los Angeles Raiders, Denver Broncos and Washington Redskins. He led the Broncos to back-to-back Super Bowl victories in 1998 and 1999. Shanahan also held the title of Vice President of Football Operations with the Redskins, giving him full control over player personnel with the team.
Record as a Broncos head coach: 138-86 Number 12: Josh McDaniels -- 2009-2010 From his Wikipedia page:
Josh McDaniels (born April 21, 1976) is an American football coach, currently serving as the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the New England Patriots. He is in his second stint as offensive coordinator in New England, having begun his career there in 2001 as a personnel assistant, eventually serving as offensive coordinator from 2006-2008. In 2009, McDaniels was hired as the head coach of the Denver Broncos. At the time of his hiring, 33 year-old McDaniels was the youngest head coach in the NFL, although less than a week later the Tampa Bay Buccaneers named Raheem Morris, who is two months younger, as their head coach. McDaniels was fired by Denver after a 3-9 start in 2010. He spent the 2011 season as offensive coordinator of the St. Louis Rams, but was released by the Rams for the 2011-12 NFL playoffs to serve as an offensive assistant for the Patriots in their run to Super Bowl XLVI.
Record as a Broncos head coach: 11-17 Continue to meet more of the Denver Broncos' fourteen head coaches.
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