Metro State College's identity crisis continues, no new name yet

Metro State students are getting an unexpected lesson in just how hard it is to rebrand a beloved institution. Yesterday, the school's board voted to postpone by at least a month a final decision on a new name for Metropolitan State College.

The decision came after Corona Insights, a local research company hired by the school last month, presented the results of two online surveys with 2,520 responses from students, alumni, faculty and staff, as well as one-on-one interviews with community leaders. Corona tested four names: Denver Metropolitan State University, Metropolitan Denver State University, Denver State Metropolitan University and Metropolitan State University of Denver. None came out the clear winner.

"The board did what a really good board does," Metro president Stephen Jordan said in a statement released yesterday. "They have examined all the research that's been presented to them and have established a set of principles that will be used as a filter moving forward."

Once the board does move all the way forward with a new name, a bill to make it official will be sent to the Colorado Legislature. Last year, the board had submitted the name Denver State University to lawmakers, then pulled the proposal after University of Denver officials protested that it was to close to DU's name.

Eight months later, Metro's still in the midst of its identity crisis.

Metro officials might want to take a look at our "10 names better than Metro State's Latest Rebranding Picks." Or simply do this: Pick Metropolitan State University of Colorado. It reflects the expanded scope of the school, anchors it firmly in the state -- and leaves the recognizable start untouched.

And in the meantime, you can find more information on Metro's Strategic Name Initiative push here.

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