Michael DeHerrera beating: Did Denver cops cover up knowledge of his cell phone (VIDEO)

The Denver police beating of Michael DeHerrera in April 2009 continues to stir controversy, and not just due to news about other apparent police brutality, including the Alexander Landau case.

Now, there's video on view below that calls into question DPD claims about DeHerrera's cell phone, which he was using when an officer clobbered him.

The information comes from, which obtained all 46 minutes of video taken by HALO cameras of the DeHerrera incident.

According to a DPD letter also seen here, "There was no indication that the involved officers had knowledge of the existence of a cell phone at the time this incident took place." But the footage provides evidence to the contrary, as noted in this excerpt:

Initially, the video shows what appears to be a white-colored cell phone in DeHerrera's hand. Then, just as DeHerrera is being cuffed by police, a similarly shaped white object is on the ground nearby. Moments later, all previous white objects are no longer on the ground. Finally, moments after that, video shows what appears to be an officer placing a white object, shaped like a cell phone, into a clear evidence baggy, then placing the baggy onto the dash of a patrol car.

The visuals aren't definitive, as acknowledges -- but they raise more doubts about a case that is widely thought to have prompted Denver Manager of Safety Ron Perea to resign. Perea determined that the actions of officers in the DeHerrera matter were justified.

Below, find the edit of the cell-phone-related material, as well as a second video that "shows one Denver officer demonstrating to another the manner in which he delivered the blows during the arrests." (Michael DeHerrera's father, Anthony, interprets this exchange as "bragging" about the "ferocity of the beating.") The aforementioned DPD letter follows:


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