Michael Hancock or Chris Romer: Voters not sure... especially on if it makes a difference

Even after millions of dollars have been poured into the Denver mayoral campaign, and endless words poured out at debate after debate, I kept hearing from friends yesterday who were still undecided on who they should vote for.

These are not people who have ignored the race up to this point. They've followed it from the beginning, since back in the days when it looked like Denver could have eighteen candidates, then wound up with ten on the ballot. And since Michael Hancock and Chris Romer emerged as the two top vote-getters on May 3, they've paid close attention to the second round of the campaign, looking for the positions that will make their choice clear.

They're still looking.

Hancock ran the better campaign, with a light touch that obscured the fact that the candidate has also been light on ideas. Romer's early ads were incredibly clumsy and heavy-handed, doing little to push his innovative ideas.

And so across the city, people are still undecided. They'll have to make up their minds in the next twelve hours, since Denver's vote center will quit accepting mail-in-ballots at 7 p.m. tonight. If you didn't receive a ballot, you can get a replacement at one of those centers; the Denver Election Division website will tell you where they are.

The turnout today could make all the difference in who becomes Denver's next mayor. But will who wins really make a difference to Denver?

That's the question that's still haunting would-be voters.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.