Michael Hancock wants to put fifteen world-class suggestions on the November ballot

When Mayor Michael Hancock delivered his third

State of the City

speech on July 15, he skipped the clunky slogan that has echoed in so many other mayoral talks: "

Delivering a world-class city where everyone matters."

But apparently he was just giving it a brief rest, because the phrase was back in a letter Hancock sent to city employees three days later, outlining suggestions for improving the city -- fifteen of which may wind up as charter-change measures on this November's ballot.

"I thank you for your dedication to helping ensure that we deliver a world-class city where everyone matters," Hancock says at the end of that letter. Here's the rest of it:

July 18, 2013 Dear City Employees:

In March, I convened a group of dedicated city employees and key stakeholders to recommend ways to streamline city government to better meet the city's current and future needs.

After months of discussion, Good Government working groups have fulfilled their charge by making thoughtful and innovative recommendations that will provide a more effective, efficient and fiscally responsible city government. I want to thank them for their incredible commitment to this process.

Attached is a comprehensive list of nearly three dozen suggestions aimed at updating our City Charter and bringing common-sense, 21st century practices to city operations. I will be asking City Council to advance 15 of these recommendations to voters this fall in the form of two ballot questions: one addressing public safety efficiencies and one addressing citywide innovations and improvements.

Over the next several months, we will continue to analyze and discuss many of the remaining recommendations. We will be reaching out to engage you and the community at-large in a robust, rigorous conversation to ensure we gather important input from employees and the public.

As employees, you have seen the city grow and change throughout the years. My hope is that these recommendations will enable us to continue to thrive. I thank you for your dedication to helping ensure that we deliver a world-class city where everyone matters.


Michael B. Hancock Mayor

But Mayor Hancock will have to deliver those world-class proposals quickly, because they'll have to make it through Denver City Council before the end of August in order to make the ballot. Keep reading for the list of recommendations:

Denver Decision Matrix

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