Michael McCullar, 11 others, sentenced in violent Adams County meth ring (PHOTOS)

How many addicts does it take to make a meth ring profitable? Fewer than you might think. According to the Seventeenth Judicial District DA's office, a group of a dozen just-sentenced dealers and compatriots, led by Michael McCullar, are thought to have regularly serviced between 25 and fifty clients before being busted -- a ratio of between two and four meth heads to each member of the team, whose photos are on view below.

A source first pointed a finger at McCullar in May 2010, prompting surveillance that included court-ordered wire taps, GPS tracking devices and more. For the next several months, cops reportedly witnessed numerous meth sales, as well as the purchase of equipment used to make the stuff. In addition, they collected stories like one in which a man said McCullar pistol-whipped him, then stole his friend's car with the help of a woman named Mary Voogt.

Said friend apparently knew all about this theft -- since he was still in the car when McCullar and Voogt grabbed it.

Indictments of McCullar, Voogt and their ten compatriots came down on November 2, and by now, all of them have been sentenced. Look below for mug shots for everyone other than Steve Scoles and Joseph Sanchez, whose pics weren't in the Adams County system. Sanchez, 25, pleaded guilty to Conspiracy to Distribute a Schedule 3 Controlled Substance and was sentenced to six months in jail and eight years of intensive supervision; Scoles, 54, pleaded guilty to Possession of a Schedule 5 Controlled Substance and was sentenced to sixty days in jail and one year probation.

Page down for more photos and sentences: Page down for more photos and sentences: More from our Colorado Crimes archive: "Tiffany Nicole Weaver, 7 others, indicted for alleged meth-fueled auto-theft ring (PHOTOS)."

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