Michelle Malkin on failed jokester Mohammed Al-Madadi: Is diplomatic immunity "the new thing in shoebomber recruitment"?

As we noted yesterday, a jet-scrambling mid-air panic that ended at Denver International Airport happened as the result of an ill-considered joke by Qatar diplomat Mohammed Al-Madadi about lighting his shoes on fire.

Considerably funnier is the string of updates on the case posted by Colorado Springs-based Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin.

Late on April 7, after sharing a report about Al-Madadi's diplomatic status, Malkin wrote:

"Nice immunity shield strategy there. Is this the new thing in shoebomber recruitment?"

Following another report from the Chicago Sun-Times, Malkin added:

Two jet fighters were scrambled from Buckley Air Force Base to accompany the plane as it flew its last 40 miles into Denver, according to authorities.

Chills up my spine. I've traveled on this United flight many times over the last year and a half.

Never fear. We've got the Whitewasher-in-Chief to paint all our troubles away.

For those who haven't clicked on the link directly above, it connects to a Malkin piece about the Obama administration headlined, "Our New National Security Plan: Weaken, Whitewash, and Wait for Whirled Peas."

Next, Malkin included two photos of potentially lethal shoes before opining: "Jihadi motto: If at first they don't succeed, light, light again."

When news that the whole thing was a misunderstanding began to surface, Malkin was initially suspicious: "I'm reminded of how the early reports on the Christmas Day bomber downplayed the incident and initially referred to it as 'firecrackers' going off." She also took another shot at the Dems in the White House: "Waiting for Obama intel adviser John Brennan to condemn marshals as 'over the top' in 3, 2, 1..."

Of course, no such condemnation came, leaving Malkin to belatedly slap Al-Madadi: "If there's any 'misunderstanding,' it's not from the air marshals who took their jobs seriously, it's from the arrogant jerk who thinks treating national security with sarcastic shoebomb jokes when questioned by our homeland security watchdogs has any place at all on a plane in flight over American skies."

This last sentiment is undoubtedly shared by folks with a wide range of ideological viewpoints.

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