Mike Coffman's victory was impressive whether he was an incumbent or not

Our post about Mike Coffman's win in the 6th Congressional District noted that he managed to overcome a number of gaffes en route to besting challenger Joe Miklosi and joining all the other Colorado Congressional incumbents in victory. But one reader points out that redistricting presenting Coffman with just as big a challenge.

david11tanner writes:

To the voters in the new 6th District, who actually met Joe Miklosi, he was a good and decent man. Unfortunately, he never got to meet very many and most learned about this Denver carpetbagger from his continual barrage of negative TV ads against Mike Coffman. His strategy seemed to be "vote against Coffman because I don't like him." Never did Miklosi make any attempt to introduce himself to voters, tell us about his accomplishments, or what his vision was if he was elected to Congress. Frankly, he deserved to lose.

Coffman had a tough road to follow to get re-elected. He was honor bound to continue to represent the very conservative district who put him into office in 2008 and 2010 -- and will be until January 3, 2013, while running in a vastly different district in 2012. He didn't figuratively walk out on his legislative district like Miklosi did physically. (Then Miklosi had the unmitigated gall to go back before the Denver City Council, after he moved to Aurora, to lecture them about the ban on homeless camping in public places.) As someone, who has been part of Aurora, since 1964, Coffman will work hard on behalf of his new constituents because he is connected to this community in a way Miklosi never was. It is clear that that the congressman has far more supporters than detractors in the new 6th CD.

There is not a host of Democratic wannabees eager to risk their political careers by taking on this well-known and popular incumbent. Remember, Bob Beauprez did far better in his second campaign in the 7th CD than he did in his first try. This is the second time Coffman bucked a Democratic wave in the state. (The first time was in 2006.) Bear in mind that a lot of voters in Arapahoe and Adams counties were willing to vote for Obama-Coffman. They have a lot more faith in him than they have in the credibility of a few whiners here.

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