David Sirota.
David Sirota.

Mike Rosen, David Sirota debate Barack Obama's first 100 days in KOA/AM-760 simulcast

As every political pundit acknowledges, assessing a new president after his first 100 days in office is artificial and unfair -- but if Barack Obama is embracing the notion (he's holding a primetime news conference tonight), what the hell? Hence, a plan for KOA conservative Mike Rosen and AM-760 progressive David Sirota to debate Obama's performance to date during a 9 a.m.-to-10 a.m. session that will be simulcast on both stations.

AM-760 producer John Turk is looking forward to the face-off, which he sees as evenly matched. "They're both intellectuals," he points out -- although Sirota is more likely to leaven praise for Obama with a dollop of criticism, as he's done during AM-760 broadcasts and an appearance on a March edition of the ABC staple Nightline. In the meantime, Turk continues to monitor the condition of AM-760 host Jay Marvin, who's been out of action since February due to a series of serious medical issues; Sirota's been filling in for him. Turk says doctors are still trying to solve the mystery of a growth near Marvin's spinal column, but everyone involved remains optimistic.

Keep hope alive.


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