Mike Rosen (of the Denver Post?) named Keith Olbermann's worst person in the world

Last week, we told you about KOA host Mike Rosen's call for a hijacked plane to crash into a proposed Islamic Center near Ground Zero -- a remark from a debate with fellow Clear Channel yakkers Peter Boyles and David Sirota, of KHOW and AM 760, respectively. Sirota spread the audio clip in question, and it's gotten lotsa play -- including on MSNBC's Countdown, where Keith Olbermann declared Rosen last night's worst person in the world.

Olbermann didn't provide much context for the remark in the segment. Rosen is identified with the Denver Post, for which he writes regular op-eds, not KOA, and there's no mention of the debate in which the comment was made -- nor, surprisingly, the big whoop the audience gave after Rosen delivered his dubious bon mot. However, Olbermann did make clear his disapproval, asking how anyone making such a statement could call himself an American before closing the bit with a tone of revulsion.

Of course, Rosen, proud conservative that he is, would be more upset if Olbermann had praised him than criticized him. In the meantime, though, his ill-considered crowd-pleaser continues to linger in a most unpleasant way. Look below to see him top the Countdown roster.

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