John Lynch -- Bronco no more.

Mile High Stadium -- a little behind the times

Just prior to finding my family in the massive line to Invesco Field prior to the Barack Obama acceptance speech, I was handed a bottle of water by a happy volunteer. Since all of us had heard for weeks that no water would be allowed into the stadium, I chugged my bottle in thirty-seconds flat and my kin did likewise. Then, as we were about to enter security, we were told that we could have toted in water handed to us en route -- just not anything we'd brought from elsewhere. Glad to know that after we'd executed our respective power slams.

Inside the stadium, one of the first things I saw, aside from oodles of Obama merch stands, was the display seen here, featuring John Lynch. News flash: the Broncos let Lynch go earlier this month -- something the staff apparently forgot in the midst of preparing for an event that had nothing to do with football. -- Michael Roberts


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