More Blowhards on Carbon Offsets and the Wray Windmill

On Friday, August 1, the Rocky Mountain News published its fourth piece in a week on the wind turbine in Wray that's part of the DNC's carbon offsets program. An op-ed essay from Russell Simon, the communications manager for the foundation in Washington, D.C., it was also the third piece in the News that did not mention the original article, a big July 26 feature on carbon offsets and the DNC program, which said the Wray windmill "toils day and night producing clean electricity."

Just one problem, as first the weekly in Wray, and then pointed out: The windmill doesn't work.

Not now, anyway. As Simon's piece acknowledged, "Apparently, 'massive equipment malfunctions' have kept the wind turbine offline ever since its ribbon-cutting in February."

The turbine is slated to be repaired soon, perhaps as early as the middle of this week, according to a July 31 piece in the News. Sooner, no doubt, than the News will acknowledge the flaw in its original piece. -- Patricia Calhoun


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