More Messages: Debt A-Go-Go

Everyone who's ever tried to run a newspaper or magazine knows that coming up with great stories and presenting them interestingly is only half the battle. It's just as difficult to keep the operation afloat -- and an odd cyber-document related to Go-Go Magazine, a defunct local publication, demonstrates why.

The "About Go-Go Magazine" page linked here begins like so:

Go-Go Magazine was a really fantastic entertainment magazine that covered the depth and breath [sic] of Denver entertainment for three years. The last issue was distributed March 7, 2003.

One of the chief reasons that Go-Go Magazine died was because advertisers failed to pay for the advertising that they contracted for in a timely fashion. Far too much time and attention had to be spent on collections. Go-Go has been unable to pay the remainder of its outstanding debts due to the failure of the following advertisers to pay what they owe. (The list only contains the amounts due for advertising that was actually published.)

This introduction is followed by the names of 25 businesses or individuals, followed by the amount of money they allegedly owed (the top total is $1,450) and the amount of time said payments were overdue (the most delinquent was "over 900 days"). As a coda, the anonymous author of this bitter farewell writes, "If Go-Go owes you money then you can thank the above people and businesses for Go-Go's inability to pay you."

Following Go-Go's demise, its publisher, Gary Haney, continued making news -- in a manner of speaking. "Big Trouble," written by Jared Jacang Maher and published by Westword in February 2006, and "Built For Speed," an August 2006 followup, focus upon a man who oversaw an "escort-business empire before beating up one of his call girls for allegedly stiffing him on cash."

Writing is tough, but business can be a lot tougher. -- Michael Roberts

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