More Messages: Mr. Fix-It

When he left his job as city editor at the

Denver Post

, Evan Dreyer, the subject of this week's Message


, probably thought corrections were behind him. But Dreyer, who is currently serving as Governor Bill Ritter's communications director, recently had to revisit this territory.

In this week's "Pressure to Fix Ethics Law," Rocky Mountain News scribes Lynn Bartels and Alan Gathright quizzed numerous high-powered politicos about how to eliminate the unintended consequences of ethics-oriented Amendment 41 -- such as officials resigning for fear that their kids will lose their college scholarships under the vaguely written provision. Among those questioned was Ritter, who emphasized that he hadn't backed the amendment as a candidate. This assertion was accompanied in a sidebar by an asterisked addition that reads:

"The Rocky's online candidate questionnaire last year indicated Ritter favored Amendment 41. But on Monday, Ritter spokesman Evan Dreyer said he himself filled out the questionnaire for his boss and marked the wrong box. Dreyer said on the campaign trail, the question rarely came up, but when it did, Ritter said he did not support it."

As a journalist, Dreyer occasionally had to set the record straight. But now, he's being politically correct. -- Michael Roberts


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