More Messages: Turning Another Paige

In early October, reports on assorted blogs declared that Woody Paige would soon be returning to the Denver Post, a paper he left a while back for a high-profile gig at ESPN. In this blog item, dated October 11, Paige dismissed these rumors, saying that although he had recently visited the Post and chatted with editor Greg Moore and owner Dean Singleton, the conversations were social in nature, and didn't pertain to the open sports columnist position at the paper. He thought he'd return to the Post someday, he added, but had no plans to do so in the near future.

Cut to today, when members of the Post staff received this memo:


After taking his act to Broadway for a little over two years, Woody Paige is returning home and to our sports pages as a columnist. As many of you know, Woody went to ESPN where he became a bit of a phenomenon on Around The Horn and Cold Pizza. But Woody has repeatedly expressed a desire to return to his "first love" of writing. That yearning only grew and we began discussing his possible return about two months ago. I am happy to report Woody will rejoin The Post on Dec. 1. He also will retain a relationship with ESPN as a regular on Around The Horn, which will be filmed in the ESPN studio we built near the design department. Please join me in welcoming Woody back.


Greg Moore Editor The Denver Post

So... did Woody dish out a heaping helping of untruths three weeks ago? Seems likely, but in a chat today, he swears that he didn't. According to him, there had been no serious discussions about his return to the Post at the time of his previous interview with Westword, which took place well within the two-month window mentioned in the e-mail above. Moreover, he goes on, things didn't really come together regarding his return until the past several days, when he was able to work out a three-year contract extension with ESPN that will allow him to appear on Around the Horn from Denver, just as he did before moving to New York.

Stay tuned for further details. In the meantime, though, those bloggers who Paige dismissed in October should feel good about themselves. They were right all along. -- Michael Roberts

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