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More Messages: Weather or Not

In a recent Message


, television weather forecasters such as 9News' Kathy Sabine (pictured) spoke about the criticism they've received from many surly viewers simply because they had to report about two relentless months of unusually extreme weather. As noted in the piece, the overall accuracy of their long-range predictions actually added to the anxiety of some locals, since it gave them extra time to stress about the storms bearing down on them.

Well, those worries are over. None of the major TV seers expected a rather hefty snowfall that smacked the western suburbs and beyond on the evening of February 16, and most anticipated that the white stuff that's been falling across large swaths of the metro area since last night would be confined to the mountains. Judging by the tone of updates that aired last night, 7News' Mike Nelson didn't realize Denver proper was in for significant precip until mere hours before the first flakes were spotted here. And this morning, 9News' Nick Carter was in full defensive mode, complaining that there was lotsa snow in some sections of the city and none in others. "It's so easy to predict weather in Colorado," he grumbled, with maximum facetiousness.

Looks like the prognosticators' run of excellence is over. Back to coin-flipping. -- Michael Roberts

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.