Most memorable mug shots of 2011, part one

It's time at last. After preliminary roundups featuring a slew of mug shot collections, spotlighting tattoos, hairstyles, weirdness, intimidation, celebrities and notables, baby faces and women on the wrong side of the law, we offer up the most memorable images of the year -- an array so large that they wouldn't all fit in a single post.

Check out the first fifty below, complete with links to our original coverage.

Read more in "Marijuana bust: Richard Caleel among group accused of using MMJ as cover for illicit pot ring." Read more in "Luke Irvin Chrisco, porta-potty creep: More charges for spying at DMV, Target (VIDEO)." Read more in "Ann Crall: Cancer-faking Lakewood cop's wife pleads guilty to fraud, could get 15 years." Read more in "Mario McDonald charged along with 'grandma' Edna Iddings in horrific child abuse allegations." Read more in "Brooke Mueller, Shmuck: Will she out-Charlie Sheen her ex in Aspen?" Read more in "Martin Parras investigated for DUI, vehicular assault for hitting man also struck in hit-and-run." Read more in "Douglas Bruce, father of TABOR and controversy magnet, indicted for tax evasion." Read more in "Keith Ruiz busted in death of 2-year-old Dolci Gryshayeva, spokesman calls details disturbing." Read more in "Eric Barney accused of holding girlfriend hostage for two months, torturing her." Read more in "Manuel McGee allegedly got away with brutal rape for 3 years -- until his DNA betrayed him." Read more in "Chester Gray, Frank Devoe, Ryann Pangle: Did they pimp, beat 17-year-old who tried to split?" Read more in "Denver Bronco Perrish Cox fathered the child of his alleged rape victim, according to affidavit." Read more in "Ronald Keithline, ID'd as Boulder hit-and-run victim, had a habit of lying down in roadways." Read more in "Maria Plazola charged with going to high school fight and urging daughter to beat some ass." Read more in "Peter Bellar to be tried again after hung jury for Douglass Singleton murder: Marijuana related?" Read more in "Jesse Dimmick sues couple he kidnapped for allegedly breaking deal with him by escaping." Read more in "Father Richard James Kurtz, Jesuit priest, busted in alleged 2001 sex assault on minor." Read more in "Update: Jon Schuttenberg busted for psilocybin shrooms after rescuers help half-naked hiker." Read more in "Devon Weinstein, convicted baby bone breaker, gets sentence reduction of up to seven years." Read more in "Harvey Morrow convicted of murdering legendary Denver DJ Steven B. Williams." Read more in "Matthew Weatherspoon sentenced to 30-months probation for slashing bulldog puppy in face." Read more in "Jaime Perez sentenced to 20 years for stealing gas -- almost a half-million dollars' worth." Read more in "Brandon Smith gets 25 years for iPad finger-ripping theft -- and soliciting victim's murder." Read more in "Richard Carl Heeringa, molester and one of U.S. Marshal's 15 most wanted, captured in Michigan." Read more in "Traci Adams accused of luring ex-boyfriend to house so new love Mark Manyik could kill him." Read more in "Robert Walters sentenced to life without parole for the beating death of Brittney Brashers." Read more in "Stefanie Dickinson, ex-school board member accused of sexting teen: New sex assault bust." Read more in "Joshua Carrier: Court sighting for school officer accused of doing genital exam for stomach ache." Read more in "Johnny Hockaday: Vehicular homicide charge in DUI-Wax Trax crash that killed Roland Stith." Read more in "Mom Norma Sisneros says she didn't realize daughter Tina Guerrero was robbing bank." Read more in "Rose Ann Santistevan, grandmother, sues over drug raid that gave her heart attack." Read more in "Darrell Havens: Expert challenges police version of shooting that left 19-year-old paralyzed." Read more in "Joseph Conway's bad trip: He allegedly freaks out on LSD, gets pepper-sprayed on highway." Read more in "Bruco Eastwood found not guilty by reason of insanity in Deer Creek Middle School shooting." Read more in "Teresa Porter's gang of identity thieves had secret formula: Jewelry shops + Pawn shops = $." Read more in "Michelle Manzanares, cool mom, gives booze & pot to middle schoolers, then cools it in jail." Read more in "Eric Madril, John Culhane sent fake parking ticket to guy who called Madril a meter maid." Read more in "Travis Forbes pleads guilty to Kenia Monge murder, will spend rest of life behind bars (24)." Read more in "Robert Young, Mark Rubinson accused of reenacting Weekend at Bernie's with pal's corpse." Read more in "Jose Manuel Martinez-Adame, aka Vampire, wanted in alleged drug-trade killing (25)." Read more in "Arthur Baldwin allegedly fires shots, tries to grab student selling discount cards." Read more in "Troy Lowrie, strip club owner: Hear recording made just before his bust in prostitution sting." Read more in "Raul Nunez-Sota, Tina Louise Moya & a teen busted in Richard Limon slaying (19)." Read more in "Marc O'Leary, accused rapist, feels he's entitled to sex with whoever he wants, affidavit says." Read more in "Phillip Harold Hall allegedly declares his independence by driving city tractor drunk." Read more in "Yukari Miyamae of Longmont allegedly admits to grabbing, twisting TSA agent's breast." Read more in "Jeffrey Campos: Spin control in bust of Hispanic Chamber CEO on domestic violence charges." Read more in "Denver police suit: David Lane on false Aaron Puller charge in racially motivated attacks case." Read more in "Michael Arangio, wanted for slaying 3 Springs teens, kills himself during standoff (VIDEO)." Read more in "Nestor Vasquez allegedly tried to trade sex with undocumented women for citizenship."

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