Most memorable mug shots of 2011, part two

The end is not only near. It's here. Our annual mug-shot-a-palooza, which has included collections focusing on



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celebrities and notables




baby faces


women who got crossways with John Law

, led to yesterday, when we published part one of the year's top images. Now, our roster's second half is ready for closeups. Check them out below, and be sure to click on the links to view our original coverage.

Read more in "Lee Grace Dougherty shot after car flip in wild roundup of the Dougherty gang."Read more in "Abigail Suber, our shmuck: Pay me or I'll call immigration on you."Read more in "Michael C. Gilliland: Sunflower Farmers Market CEO resigns after child prostitution bust."Read more in "Anthony Garcia allegedly adds special ingredient to yogurt -- semen -- at NM Sunflower Market."Read more in "Top 48 Boulder registered sex offenders (PHOTOS)."Read more in "Carl Hughes, Tyrea Taylor go on $200,000 spending spree using counterfeit credit cards."Read more in "Brittany Gonzales accused of running over child, going back to get hubcap, then splitting (VIDEO)."Read more in "Roberto Santistevan busted in fatal stabbing of Crystal Crespin on S. Eliot (17)."Read more in "Skyler Dematteo, Tyrale Haselrig-Graham did vodka shots with nine-year old, DA says."Read more in "Lori Ann Waldo allegedly grabs bar staffer's balls, tells him she wants to f*ck his brains out."Read more in "Herbert Dailey: Sex offender suspeced of assault on 20-year-old nabbed after bicycle violation."Read more in "Headline to beat for best of the year: "'Police search for Moron.'"Read more in "Tiffany Nicole Weaver, 7 others, indicted for alleged meth-fueled auto-theft ring (PHOTOS)."Read more in "Jennifer Gomes, PE teacher, allegedly left bomb threat because she didn't want to be at school."Read more in "Adam Raszynski: Did mom Rita Redford shoot him & he stomp her head over car cushion? (59)."Read more in "Zachary Kocman, Joseph Murphy: Bias-motivated charges for yelling gay slur, assault."Read more in "Andrew Terry gets murder charge after crushing Thornton cop's foot, trying to run down officer."Read more in "Richard Troupe charged with dropping trou at Burger King, asking staffer to hold his Whopper."Read more in "Veronica Carpio, former owner of 420 Highways dispensary, arrested on marijuana charges."Read more in "Edward and Linda Bryant: What happened to alleged scammers' kids, missing for years?"Read more in "Stephen Edward Siebold allegedly bites the hand of the woman who won't buy him beer."Read more in "Domino's next ad campaign?: Thief steals pizza & wings from delivery man, doesn't take money!"Read more in "Joan Zalk, yoga instructor, charged with animal cruelty for walking chihuahua while driving car." Read more in "Pat Sullivan, ex-Arapahoe sheriff, suspected of attempted meth trade for sex (VIDEOS)."Read more in "Noel Bertrand, alleged DIA rapist: 'Don't you know difference between rough sex & fighting?'"Read more in "Daryl Rasmussen, aka Ms. Puppy: Cross-dresser wanted for 2 murders busted in Cali."Read more in "Lee Grace Dougherty shot after car flip in wild roundup of the Dougherty gang."Read more in "Aaron Williams dead, Grant Bletcher captured in separate Aurora hostage dramas."Read more in "Roohallah Mobarez, Highlands Ranch dental assistant, charged with sex assault on four kids."Read more in "Eric Eugene Lyerly busted for murder after dead woman found in Westminster apartment (6)."
Read more in "John Vasquez, Marie Marone allegedly stabbed disabled woman to death for the thrill of it."

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Kevin McGregor: 1st degree murder charge in Todd Walker case, death penalty on table? (62)


Read more in "Chester Gray, Frank Devoe, Ryann Pangle: Did they pimp, beat 17-year-old who tried to split?"Read more in "Clifton Ray Williams arrested in alleged Taser attack & kidnapping on South Broadway."Read more in "Christopher Mainock accused of homicide after failed suicide in Westminster car (66)."Read more in "Muriel Keer allegedly on computer in different room as her baby drowned in bathtub."Read more in "Ryan Wappel: Convicted teen sex offender caught supposedly teaching kids 'dance moves.'"Read more in "Gordon Schumacher accused of sneaking into neighbor's house, putting webcam in bedroom."Read more in "Rebecca Ward after drunkenly crashing into three cars: 'I am so f*cked.'"

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Ronald Muniz arrested in fatal stabbing of Annette Taylor at 1955 Arapahoe (7)


Read more in "Dominique Redwood & Jesse Rincon: Latest on alleged sex assaulter, accused hit-and-run driver."Read more in "Kathy Johnson accused of inventing alleged kidnapper who told hubby, 'We won, nigga.'"
Gage Walker Lopez.
Read more in "Gage Walker Lopez accused of being Evergreen Lutheran Church masturbator & groper."Read more in "James William Swets, Swetsville Zoo resident, accused of inappropriately touching teen girls."Read more in "Frances Garcia allegedly used blanket to quiet crying baby Adam Gonzales -- permanently (13)."Read more in "Courtney Bowles: Fort Collins teacher busted naked with student getting national exposure."
Read more in "Lisa Norton, hit & swim driver in fatal Gabriel Nielsen crash: DUI beefs, pot in truck (VIDEO)."Read more in "Bret Lee Thompson: Alleged child sex assaulter found sleeping in van behind NJ Walmart." Read more in "Phillip Abernathy & Connor Greenwall: Teens allegedly just old enough to distribute child porn."Read more in "Shannon Johnson gets 10 years after infant son drowned in bath as she played Facebook game."

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