Mother's Day

Baby Girl has a baby girl.

About a year has passed since the former Colfax streetwalker graduated from the Chrysalis Project, a program designed to rehabilitate women who've been selling their bodies for crack.

It hasn't all been smooth sailing for Baby Girl. She did a little time this past spring on a weapons charge and is still on probation. But she's out of the joint and married to the father of her new child, a one-month-old girl. The family -- which now includes Baby Girl's first-born son, who'd been staying living with his great-grandmother -- is living happily on the north side of town.

While Baby Girl gets her life on track, she's helping her younger brother, too, who's just out of the joint himself. While she tends to the baby, he does all the cooking and cleaning. Gone is the gangsta rage that used to build up inside Baby Girl.

She thinks she's out of the crack game for good. "I've got so many things in my life that are important," she says. "My son, my daughter, my husband, my house. Thank God I got sober."

Baby Girl's a woman now. -- Luke Turf

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