My Blue Heaven

At the end of a good night, I often have more takeout stacked in the front seat of my car than I can carry up the stairs in a single trip. Some of my to-go compulsion is work-related. When I need to know exactly what ingredients were in the ravioli, the salade compose or yak tournedos, it's a comfort to be able to perform a forensic examination of the dish itself. But mostly I bring home leftovers because I am an insomniac and inveterate middle-of-the-night snacker who, owning to the quirks of his unusual employment, often gets to eat foie gras on the couch in his underpants at 3 a.m. while watching Futurama reruns on Adult Swim.

Yeah, Laura's a lucky woman..."

For your consideration this week: Blue Ocean Asian Cafe, a restaurant that nearly caused the breakdown of both my marriage and my refrigerator owing to the volume of tasty leftovers my meals there produced.

That aside, there's also dish on the Dish, as well as an update on Lucile's, where you can now get in, get fed and get out in less than three hours on a weekend. -- Jason Sheehan

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