My Brother's, Bar None

Here's Kate's take on the quintessential Denver restaurant:

It would have to be My Brother's Bar at 15th and Platte. My stepdad has been taking me there since I was six and we would play "I Spy" while waiting for our gooey JCBs; he'd sometimes let me have a sip of his beer. I loved that I would get smoke in my hair and I loved washing my hands with the little shell soaps they had in the bathroom.

In the early '80s that area was totally undeveloped, and now I see how edgy and cool he was to have taken an office down there.

So even though it is not a part of Denver Restaurant Week, MBB is my favorite restaurant in Denver.

And you'd need a lot of JCBs to hit $52.80 -- even for two -- at Brother's. But then there's that good beer list...-- Jason Sheehan


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