Naomi Almodovar in Court for Arson: Fire Set Over Ex-Girlfirend's Facebook Status?

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A number of candid Almodovar photos linger on an old MySpace page, including this one....

...and this one.... ...and this one: A better known image of Almodovar -- her booking photo, on view below -- was snapped as a result of a fire in June at the Copper Terrace Apartment complex in Centennial. Eight people were hospitalized as a result of the blaze, with numerous individuals having to leap from their homes in order to escape the flames.

What happened? An arrest affidavit obtained by Fox31 offers law enforcement's version, which suggests that Almodovar set the apartment on fire in an act of revenge over a shattered love affair.

According to the document, Almodovar and the woman had been involved in a five-year relationship described as "intimate." But following a breakup, the woman got involved with a man who lived at Copper Terrace.

This situation allegedly led to a series of escalating crimes. One one occasion, Almodovar is said to have tried forcing her way into the apartment after sending a text warning the former girlfriend that she'd "destroy everything you love and everything you try to love." Almodovar subsequently rammed the man's car in the parking lot, the report maintains. The result was a domestic violence charge.

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