NBC, like Denver Public Schools on MLK Day, honors black history with fried chicken and a side of embarrassment

Apparently Denver Public Schools isn't the only organization that views chicken -- fried or Southern-style -- and collard greens as a way to honor black history.

And it's not the only organization to be criticized for playing into racial stereotypes by doing so.

As the Huffington Post reports here, the NBC cafeteria served fried chicken, collard greens and jalapeno cornbread for lunch yesterday to honor Black History Month.

According to that story, "The chef, Leslie Calhoun -- who is black -- said she has been trying to institute a special Black History Month menu for years and was allowed to do so for the first time this year. She said doesn't understand the controversy.

"'I don't understand at all,'" she is quoted as saying. "'It's not trying to offend anybody and it's not trying to suggest that that's all that African-Americans eat. It's just a good meal. I thought it would go over well.'"

About as well as last month's DPS menu, which consisted of "Southern style" chicken, collard greens and sweet potatoes. That menu was created in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, but was canceled after a parent complained.

DPS later apologized, calling the menu "highly insensitive in light of certain hurtful stereotypes still harbored in parts of our society."

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