New Recruit Bernie Sanders for 2020 Movement Based in Colorado

Spencer Carnes with Bernie Sanders circa 2016.
Spencer Carnes with Bernie Sanders circa 2016. Facebook

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Bernie Sanders on the stump.
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Ask Bernie to Run in 2020

Thank you for joining us in asking Bernie to run. We are all making a difference every day, and by encouraging Bernie to run, we can bring that change to the White House.

Dear Senator Sanders,

When you ran for President in 2016, you redefined what was possible, showing Americans that we could have a just democracy — one that works for everyday people, not just the millionaires and billionaires. Through your campaign, we embraced Medicare for All at a time when it was not very popular. We rang the alarm about climate change and its devastating impacts, and how we could work together to address it right now. We began to imagine a future we could believe in — one that we would be proud to leave for future generations. We got to know our neighbors and met new people in our community, organizing together for what was right.

We fought hard, but in the end, the outcome wasn’t what we hoped for. We were concerned all of our hard work went to waste, but then realized that the political revolution had just begun. When Trump took over the White House, even through our devastation, we continued working with our neighbors and new friends to defend our communities from bigotry, xenophobia and racism.

We’ve been fighting these last two years, and you have been on the frontlines with us. Thank you for making Medicare for All a mainstream issue. Thank you for getting every worker at Amazon a guaranteed 15 dollar an hour wage. Thank you for reforming the DNC for a more fair political process. Thank you for igniting much needed change.

Now we need you more than ever to run for president and take on Donald Trump. We know you can beat him because you are uniquely positioned as the most popular politician in American politics. Your unwavering commitment to working families, reducing income inequality, and addressing climate change as our biggest national security concern are what make you the ideal candidate to win in 2020. We are tired of self-interested and self-serving politicians. We want authentic and bold leaders who take immediate and meaningful action to solve the problems we face.

Senator, I am joining people across the country in asking you to run for President in 2020. The vision you have for our nation can become a reality if we boldly fight for every American and together build the future we can believe in.

In Solidarity,

The 2020 Revolution
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