Reader: Most Americans Sit or Take a Sh*t While National Anthem Is Played

Chad Claeyssen/
Next to the antics of our supreme leader and disgusting film producers, no story has garnered more attention lately than the kneeling scandal engrossing the NFL. A small, silent protest by a few players has grown into a movement that's enraged parts of the country and emboldened others. The conversation has even disturbed the business world, as we noted in our story about ads being pulled from KOA's Broncos game coverage over the anthem protests. Readers were quick to sound off on the move. Says Levi: 
But yet 99.9 percent of Americans sit on their couch or go to take a shit while the national anthem is played. Why? Because they would hate to miss a game of catch and chase the pigskin. LOL: American hypocrisy at its greatest.
Responds Donna:
Why is EVERYTHING IN THIS COUNTRY ALWAYS ABOUT MONEY! It will be our downfall as a nation.
Adds Tracy: 
So kneeling during the anthem pissed them off but football players who've committed acts of murder, rape, domestic violence, drug abuse, etc., didn't? Hypocrites.
Comments Amy: 
Blah blah blah. Don't people have anything better to talk about? Health care? Impending nuclear war? Literally 1,000 topics more important than this. Sheep????
But then there's this from Derek: 
Part of the problem much, Westword? Calling them "anthem protests" is irresponsible and Trumpian. Though they happen during the national anthem, they are protesting police brutality and inequality, not the anthem, as your wording suggests.
Keep reading for more coverage of the kneeling protest, the Broncos and more. 

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