No reduction yet on $1,000 Zombie Crawl fine

Last week, we told you about

a $1,000 fine levied against the organizer of the annual Zombie Crawl

-- for cleaning up fake blood. At the time, chief crawler Daniel Newman said he was eager to sit down with representatives of the city and/or the Downtown Denver Partnership to make sure participants weren't being charged for cleanup that would have been done on any night, and to see if there might be some way of moderating the cost. And at this writing, he's still waiting. Newman says he's exchanged e-mails with the powers that be, but he's still trying to coordinate a face-to-face in order to clear up any confusion before moving forward with planning for Zombie Crawl 2010. If he has anything to say about it, the chat will take place this week, but nothing's scheduled thus far.

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Hope no one's eaten city officials' brains...

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