Non-Citizen Drivers License Story Prompts Brutal Immigration Comments

If you were wondering why immigration reform has been so difficult to achieve, the response to a recent story on CBS4 should quell your questions. The story, about a snafu that resulted in 524 non-citizens, "including some illegal immigrants," receiving improperly marked drivers licenses has resulted in an explosion of comments on both the station's website and Facebook page -- and almost all of them are virulently negative toward the concept of giving such people more opportunities for citizenship.

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The report revolves around what's described as a printing error.

A new law allows non-citizens to receive special drivers licenses emblazoned with a black strip highlighting the following phrase: "Not Valid For Federal Identification, Voting or Public Benefit Purposes." However, more than 500 non-citizens have received standard licenses, without the black strip. As such, state officials are asking that these people return to a Department of Motor Vehicles office to exchange the licenses for the ones they were supposed to receive in the first place.

To put it mildly, this prospect was greeted with tremendous cynicism by CBS4 viewers. Some examples:

What are the odds this problem will escalate as mid term elections approach? The Democrats would never allow that to happen, right?

Yeah, these criminal invaders are going to suddenly get honest and return those licenses. Suuuuure.

The DMV in other states has done this on purpose. "Mistakenly" .... in the words of the Artificial Intelligence on Futurama: "my shiny metal a.."

That means 524 new Democratic Party voters.

It was no accident. Denver is well known for being an illegal haven for illegal Mexicans and Mexican criminals and Mexican gang bangers and of course, American traitors.
And then there are the more extreme responses:
Illegal aliens shouldn't even be allowed behind the wheel of a car here in the U.S. Deport them!

is anyone sick of Obongo and his Obomunists yet?

ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT. They don't deserve to get ANYTHING. THEY ARE ILLEGAL!!!!! They are FU**ING STUPID if they think they are going to get them back and reissue the correct ones.

Just another side effect of the disease called O-bola.

We veterans always have to deal with the bullshit while illegals get everything handed to them on a silver platter. I hope they get you your plates AND a $100 gift card!

Give them a set amount of time and if they don't exchange them, then issue arrest warrants!

First the people who knew or made the "mistake" need to be fired. Second all of those licenses need to be nulled and returned. Third all those illegals need to be rounded up and put in tiny tiny windowless cells with no human contact until they go insane so to set a new example of what happens when you come here illegally.

Why are we rewarding criminals with valid photo ID? So they can apply for food stamps and section 8 housing?


Given this reaction, when will real immigration reform happen? Our guess: not anytime soon. Here's the CBS4 report.

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