Nut-Cutting Jesse Jackson Comes to Denver

Fresh from being caught by a live Fox News microphone saying that Barack Obama has been talking down to black people -- an assertion supplemented by the grabby proclamation, "I'm gonna cut his nuts off" -- the Reverend Jesse Jackson is heading to a studio near us. According to an AM 760 press release, he'll broadcast Keep Hope Alive with the Reverend Jesse Jackson, his syndicated radio program, from Clear Channel-Denver's HQ on Sunday, July 13.

Memo to the studio engineer: Open the mikes as soon as he steps into the room -- and leave them on no matter what.

Press "More" to find the aforementioned press release plus a video of MSNBC's report on Jackson's controversial remarks, complete with the word "nuts" spelled "n-ts." Because what makes your nuts dirty is "U." -- Michael Roberts




Denver, CO, July 10th, 2008…AM 760 Colorado’s Progressive Talk is proud to welcome the Reverend Jesse Jackson to our Denver studios this Sunday, July 13th where he will broadcast his syndicated radio program "Keep Hope Alive with the Reverend Jesse Jackson."

During his visit to Denver, Reverend Jackson also plans to speak from the Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library on Saturday, July 12th from 5pm-7pm and will provide a sermon at Friendship Baptist Church at 11am on Sunday, July 13th.

"Keep Hope Alive with the Reverend Jesse Jackson" airs Sundays on AM 760 from 6pm-8pm.

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