The body politic.

Obama Girl to give Denver some love

Forget Jennifer Lopez, Rosario Dawson and all those other so-called stars reportedly heading our way for the Democratic National Convention. A real celebrity is on her way: Amber Lee Ettinger, better known as the Obama Girl. Via e-mail, Jackie Brook, Ettinger's publicist, reveals that her client is in the midst of launching a music career -- a bold move given that she lip-synched her way through her most famous video, "I've Got a Crush on Obama," as she confessed to hilarious (in his opinion) talk-show host Glen Beck back in 2007. Lucky thing this is America. "She'll be there the 25th-29th and will be at varied events and spending her days in the media tent, so she'll definitely have an active schedule of firm and tentative and on-the-fly appearances!" Brook adds.

For those of you who can't wait until then, click "More" to see the latest Obama Girl clip -- an Olympic parody that pits her against the "McCain Girl." Ettinger doesn't show off her singing skills in the video, although she does display plenty of flesh. Good career move. -- Michael Roberts

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