Occupy Denver: Biggest riot squad presence to date, pepper bullets, multiple arrests (PHOTOS)

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Today's situation can easily be called the most tense interaction between police and protesters so far, as protesters were sprayed and shot with much less delay than previous encounters. In the bright afternoon, protesters were dragged to police vans after being arrested. Police officials have not yet released an official number of arrests.

After the first round of interaction, police waited more than an hour as they organized in a line, baton to baton, and moved all protesters off the sidewalk. The camp was then split into two parties, one in Lincoln Park and a larger gathering in Civic Center Park, and the two sides were blocked from joining each other while police delivered a thirty-minute dispersal warning. Protesters were informed of their violation of city ordinance 39-7 and warned that they must disperse and leave the park or risk being arrested for unlawful activity on a city park.

As a handful of people evacuated the scene, the police force grew in size to at least 200, with one officer walking the length of the formation and passed out extra riot batons from inside of a cardboard box. All the while, the Thunderdome continued to serve beets, and its volunteers organized a large batch of rags soaked in vinegar to protect against pepper spray. After the thirty minutes ran out and another five-minute warning expired, police moved in on the camp again to rip down and remove all the tents, arresting those who stood in their way.

One of the arrests is said to be a seventeen-year-old girl who frequently visits the occupation.

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