Occupy Denver: David Lane will pitch his tent in court today

Honk if you're interested in what will happen in court today when David Lane pushes for an injunction against enforcement of ordinances he feels restrict Occupy Denver's free speech rights. Lane charges that the City and County of Denver has used these ordinances against the protesters unfairly -- when others are allowed to pitch tents or encourage honking.

People like Mayor Michael Hancock, for example. As Kelsey Whipple reported here, Lane's exhibits include evidence of times when honking in Denver was encouraged -- including when Hancock was running for mayor. David Garcia, on the other hand, got pulled over and ticketed when he honked in support of Occupy Denver.

Lane has also been collecting documentation of a double standard when it comes to enforcing the city's rules against overnight camping. Occupy Denver protesters are not allowed to pitch tents on city property, or even sidewalks, where they are allowed to sleep overnight -- but would-be shoppers have been allowed to make camp, sometimes for days at a time.

Before the annual Labor Day weekend SNIAGRAB event, for example, sporting-goods enthusiasts pitched tents on the sidewalk along Broadway and Tenth Avenue more than a week before the sale started, as Michael Roberts reported here. And before H&M opened in Denver Pavilions last month, the city worked with the retailer to allow eager fans of the store to set up camp overnight.

The action gets underway this morning -- and Westword will keep you up to date.

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