Oh Fudge

The Internet age has given the written word a half-life on par with nuclear fuel rods. As evidence, consider an out-of-the-blue reaction to "

Heavy, Man

," a list of the ten worst concept albums ever made.

"Heavy" was penned by Serene Dominic, who used to be a frequent contributor to the Phoenix New Times, one of this publication's sister papers. Granted, the article's very funny -- but Westword printed it in November 1996. So imagine our surprise when a letter writer chose this morning to weigh in on Vanilla Fudge's The Beat Goes On, Dominic's choice as the nadir of long-playing conceptualism. "While I agree that The Beat Goes On was not a good album," the e-mailer noted, "their rendition of 'Fur Elise,' in my opinion, was awesome."

At last, justice for Vanilla Fudge. Better late than never. -- Michael Roberts


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