Henry Cejudo on Channel 9.

Olympic wrestling: NBC ignores sweaty men grabbing each other

Colorado wrestler Henry Cejudo is big news in these parts, landing on page one of the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News after coming out of nowhere to win an Olympic gold medal in the 121-pound weight class. But NBC viewers have seen precious little of Cejudo. The net's prime-time broadcast last night was dominated by gymnastics (including Shawn Johnson's triumph in the balance beam, seen on mondo-tape delay) and track events (like LoLo Jones' heartbreaking loss in the 100 meter hurdles). Meanwhile, extended wrestling coverage was relegated to sister channels such as MSNBC and CNBC.

Is it because Americans don't like wrestling? Not at all. It's because American's don't like wrestling without performance-enhancing drugs, scantily clad ring girls and guys hitting each other in the head with chairs.

The following video purports to show professional wrestling's 10 worst gimmicks ever -- click "More" to check them out. Still, odds are good that if Cejudo and his fellow Olympians had used even one of them, NBC might have given them a lot more love. -- Michael Roberts

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