CT gave Davis a black eye and left a new show

On Fire

The latest incarnation of the MTV reality series/ongoing game-show series Real World/Road Rules Challenge is "The Inferno III," which aired Tuesday night and contained four members of The Real World: Denver in the cast: Davis and Colie (Good Guys team), and Tyrie and Jenn (Bad Asses team). They were stirring up shit from the start.

Longtime Real World/Road Rules Challenge strongman CT punched Davis in the face and was sent home for assaulting another player -- only to be replaced by another strong veteran, Derek. Then Davis and Tyrie both wound up in the Inferno, but Davis was saved last-minute by Alton, while Tyrie was called in to replace the Bad Asses team member facing the fire. (The episode is to be continued next week -- but my money is on Tyrie going home, although he says he's not scared of Alton's formidable reputation.)

Judging from the short season teaser that followed, it seems the Denver cast figures prominently this season. Jenn is caught bitching someone out. Colie is caught being earnest and upset. And it's possible that Davis enabled newly-married wild child Tonya to cheat on her husband ... let's hope my eyes deceived me. -- Amber Taufen

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