On the Road, Again

When Josh Blue was named the last comic standing, he automatically became Denver's second-most-famous living celebrity -- after John Elway, of course, and before...Dealin' Doug? But Denver has no shortage of dead celebrities, and it's high time we resurrect one:

Neal Cassady, the inspiration for Dean Moriarty in Jack Kerouac's On the Road.

On October 17, the city will review its third choice for the One Book, One Denver program, and 2006's pick is bound to be as dull and bland as the last two.

So we've starting the campaign to make sure this doesn't happen again. We want Denver to get On the Road, again, in 2007.

Not only will that year mark the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Kerouac's classic, but his original draft -- written on one 150-foot scroll of paper -- will land at the Denver Public Library on January 1 of next year as part of a nationwide tour.

Sure, On the Road has some risque sections -- but they're about our risque sections. And we're betting that if Denver septuagenarians who read the book five decades ago can handle it, so can today's twenty-somethings. Enough of the namby-pamby choices, Mayor Hickenlooper. Let the Beat go on. -- Patricia Calhoun

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