Only company that's expressed interest in buying Rocky Mountain News plans Denver office

The headline of the December 9 blog "First Potential Rocky Mountain News Buyer Not Exactly a Media Powerhouse" assumed that multiple firms might want to kick the tires of the venerable tabloid, which E.W. Scripps put up for sale in December -- and that may be true. Thus far, however, White Wolf Media of Helena, Montana, is the only one to have gone public with this desire. And now, the Rocky is reporting that the firm, owned by Shawn White Wolf, plans "to set up a media-training resource office in Denver after sending representatives to visit the area over the past couple of months."

White Wolf wouldn't say if he'd tendered a bid for the Rocky. But judging by the website linked above, which seems extremely low-tech by contemporary Internet standards, the firm would need a lot of financial help to assemble the money necessary to intrigue MediaNews Group's Dean Singleton, who has repeatedly emphasized that he has the right to approve or disapprove any potential partner for his local property, the Denver Post.

White Wolf Media's possible Denver expansion may have nothing whatsoever to do with an attempt to buy the Rocky. But given the astonishing dearth of information about more credible suitors nearly a month after most observers thought the paper's fate would have been determined, White Wolf's announcement qualifies as news. Or at least a reasonable facsimile.

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