Only in Boulder: Almost a decade of pet guardianship

Today, the Boulder Daily Camera introduces "Only in Boulder," described as "an occasional series on people, trends and ideas that have earned the honorific of 'Only in Boulder'" in advance of an exhibit of the same name coming to the Boulder History Museum in June -- and the first offering bodes well for the wackiness that will no doubt follow. The piece concentrates on the campaign to alter the word "owner" to "guardian" in Boulder ordinances pertaining to pets -- a tweak that became official in July 2000 thanks in large part to the efforts of Rita Anderson on behalf of a pooch named Mikey. Assistant city attorney Alan Boles, who helped rewrite the legal passages in question, told the Camera, "I've always viewed [the wording change] as symbolic. But Boulder loves symbolic actions. Our transgender ordinance is essentially symbolic, our foreign policy is essentially symbolic. Symbolism is important in Boulder."

So is commentary of the sort that has popped up on the story to date, which ranges from support of the guardian label to a more disgruntled sort, who asks, "Ugh what is with white people and their #%*!*@% dogs?"

Only in Boulder indeed...

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