Osama bin Laden death leads to free shot, strip club discount at Diamond Cabaret

Know what you died for,

Osama bin Laden

? Strip club discounts! Yesterday, the Diamond Cabaret ran a promotion called "Thanks for the Shot," which offered free cover and a no-charge draft beer or shot for all active duty or retired military personnel in honor of Osama taking one in the face. Look below to see that ad, as well as a similar peel factory hypefest spotted by the

Miami New Times

, our sister paper. That one shows Osama flanked by two topless babes. Sorry, Osama, but I don't think they're virgins.

Diamond Cabaret ad:Miami strip club ad:More from our Things to Do archive: "Broncos' 2011-12 cheerleading squad debuts at NFL Draft party (PHOTOS)."

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