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Zinna replied to the fax in the "Back At You" section of the website, his only means of responding to his anonymous tipsters. "Pinky T: Only the first page of your fax came through," he wrote. "Would you like to meet Fonzi for coffee?"

Six days after the Albertson's fax, Pinky T struck again -- this time from a Kinko's in Lakewood. This fax attacked new targets, including county commissioner Pat Holloway, who was frequently at odds with Lawrence and Sheehan on board issues. And once again, there were allegations of sexual hijinks (and impotence) in high places:

Dear Fonzi,

I'm back -- I've been out of town the past six days. I must say that I am still looking for that information I provided you a week ago...

It is well known around the county circles that [name deleted] and "still can't get it up" have been having an affair for years...For that matter, no one on that fifth floor can keep their little heads where they belong.

If your goal is to expose all of Jeffco's crooks and corruption, then you must be unbiased in your reporting and report ALL the facts.

Glad that you moved the picture of you and Fonzi up to a more prominent place on your website. YUMMY!

Zinna responded on his web page with another plea to meet in person. "If you want us to run that story on Limpy and Pencil, we need docs to prove it," he wrote. "If it checks out, it's front page. Trust us, no one gets spared."

After a two-week silence, Pinky T responded with another harangue. This one came from the Lakewood Kinko's, too. But this time the bile was directed entirely at Zinna himself:

I have waited and waited for you to produce something other than the same OLD news. You have failed miserably. Connections I know do not even read your corny website anymore...

You are a huge disappointment to me and others. I gave you great scoop on Limp and Pencil and you insult me with the request for docs to prove the information. Get a life little boy! You and I know damn well that you have written story after story citing all kinds of mis-truths...There is a reason why the REAL newspapers don't publish some of the lies you print.

Sorry to hurt your feelings, but Pinky T. won't be meeting Fonzi and his little partner for coffee anytime soon. You are all dried up little friend. Your website needs to be more exciting or it, too, will dry up with your little part! You are boring the few readers you have left...

I gave you great scoop and you shriveled up and whimped [sic] out in the printing department...You are a coward and a fake!

Pinky T. is moving on. Potsy and Ritchie [sic] are looking better than Fonzi and his little friend everyday!

Zinna had had enough. Quite apart from the belittling of his manhood six times in five paragraphs, the fax had a bizarre undercurrent of menace that was creeping him out. And it was accompanied by a copy of the anonymous flier attacking McCasky. He knew he had to get to the bottom of this.

He fired off another "Back At You" response, promising results and urging Pinky T to chill. "There's blood in the water on your story," he wrote. "We tracked down all we need, so it's on the shelf right now." At the moment, he added, he was giving priority to stories about Lawrence, Sheehan and Wally Pulliam, who's running for Lawrence's seat on the board.

Zinna had reason to sound cocky. By this point he'd visited the Kinko's in Lakewood and noted the surveillance camera. He realized that Pinky T had been caught on tape, thong or no thong.

To get the tapes, Zinna filed a lawsuit -- two, actually -- alleging harassment by unknown parties. He obtained subpoenas and had them served on Albertson's and Kinko's. He received hours of surveillance video and scanned them until he found the parties who were at the counter at the times the faxes were sent.

The May 18 fax from Albertson's, urging him to investigate Limp Dick and Pencil Dick, matched up with a video of a man in a white shirt who appears to have borrowed Rick Sheehan's hairline. The May 24 fax from Kinko's, attacking Commissioner Holloway and others, was sent by a dead ringer for Assistant County Attorney Beyer-Ulrich, who's been Zinna's nemesis in many county dealings concerning the airport.

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