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Over the Weekend: Ting Tings, Mike Doughty, ravers on display, foodie fun

What did Denver do on a beautiful early Spring weekend?

Plenty, as evidenced by the gusher of new content on our Backbeat Online, Cafe Society and Show and Tell blogs, as well as our Westword slide show page. Look below to get teasers featuring the Ting Tings at the Ogden, a look ahead at restaurant events, a Mike Doughty reading and a visit to a Raver parking lot.

"If a band's success were measured exclusively by the strength of their live show, the Ting Tings would be one of the biggest pop bands in this country -- and their set at the Ogden Theatre made this point very clear. If you were to close your eyes and only listen to the group, you'd think there were at least five Tings playing instruments simultaneously."

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"EDM shows -- like any live music -- have a parking lot scene all their own. Britt Chester brings back what it was like before Caffeine Music & Arts Festival 2012, held on March 31 at the 1STBANK Center in suburban Denver."

See more in our "Raver parking lot" slide show.

"Boulder may have been knocked out of our Street 16 neighborhood tournament (look for the winner later today), but it was Cafe Society's pick for the Best Food Neighborhood in our Best of Denver 2012 -- and this week's culinary calender will highlight many reasons for that."

Read more in "Boulder bashes and fashion-inspired food on this week's menu."

"No matter how many ways he said no, Mike Doughty was still bombarded with requests for Soul Coughing songs at the Fox Theatre last night. Currently on tour in support of his autobiography, The Book of Drugs, and the recently released album Yes And Also Yes (one of close to a dozen records Doughty has released since his major label band's break-up in 2000), he couldn't seem to shake his audience's desire for the music of his past. But Doughty made the best of the sparse crowd's intentions, speaking frankly, as promised, about the hell that was Soul Coughing."

Read more in "Mike Doughty's The Book of Drugs reading and concert at the Fox Theatre, 4/1/12."

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