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"If [Osorno] is right," adds Stern, "and all those things have caused significant impairment, why did Dr. Osorno say there was nothing wrong with the child?"

But Osorno shrugs off Stern's criticism. "The judge has to make that decision," he says. "My take on this is that Mr. Stern was upset in losing the case. He was upset with the judge, upset with the other attorney, upset with me. My take is that here's a young, inexperienced attorney that had a personal stake in this situation." (Stern is 39 and has practiced law for eight years.)

Gonzales, who has since moved again--to an apartment complex in southern Aurora--and taken a job as an office clerk in the Denver Tech Center, says she's still angry over the court's decision to take Nathan away. She says she's the one who did all the dirty work: "I potty-trained him, taught him his colors, even his name."

She says Nathan at first resisted having to go live with his father. "He was crying, clinging to me," she says. "I'm supposed to be his protector, and I'm having to pull my child off to hand him to another person he doesn't want to see."

Yet according to Schwartz's instructions, any signs of regression on Nathan's part will not result in Wetmore losing custody--only in decreased visits from Gonzales. Next March Gonzales can try to get the child back by filing a motion in court, but she'll have to prove the boy has suffered emotional harm in his current environment.

In that regard, Gonzales may have one thing going for her. Since gaining custody, Wetmore has divorced his wife and packed up and moved again himself--between addresses in Aurora.

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